Holly Willoughby plans for ‘future filled with joy’ despite This Morning drama

Holly Willoughby, 42, disclosed a lengthy statement to subscribers of her newsletter, proving she is moving forward in a positive light, despite reports of a major rift between her and co-presenter Phillip Schofield, 61.

Her well-being brand, Wylde Moon, revealed the latest on how the TV star had been.

She spoke about how she couldn’t believe that it was already May, revealing time has been flying by for her.

“The older I get, the more I appreciate how daunting the concept of time passing can be,” the star wrote.

She added: “Instead of worrying how quickly it’s going, we should look at things differently and appreciate that with every moment (big or small) that passes, we’re creating a future filled with joy, love, and endless possibility.

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“If we can remember to reflect on just how lucky we are to be making all these memories, the passage of time can feel really positive.”
Whilst she didn’t speak on the current situation with Phillip, she shared that she was “cherishing the smaller moments”.

The presenters appeared on the show as normal on Monday despite reported rumours of their ongoing spat.

Throughout the show, the pair joked with each other, interviewed Myleene Klass, 45, and took part in an exercise routine with a celebrity fitness instructor.

However, fans were quick to pick up on the duo’s supposed awkwardness.

“Well, this is just beautiful. Our brilliant Jan Moir’s View From the Sofa on Holly and Phil’s terribly awkward #ThisMorning appearance today,” one viewer tweeted.

Another fan joked about the situation: “Today @thismorning tried to cut the tension with Phil and Holly by starting with The Little Mermaid and Phil giving Holly an idea for a new job so he can stay on #ThisMorning.”

Some Twitter users also felt the presenters needed to resolve their issues.

Body language expert Judi James shared with The Mirror that Holly’s body language was “less convincing” than that of her co-presenter’s.

“Phil’s body language fight-back looked like a masterclass in stoic bravado… rather than starting the show in the usual static side-by-side pose beside Holly.

She commented on how when Phil took part in the exercise routine on-air, Holly had a sad expression, which the expert claimed could be finalising the end of their friendship.

Holly also thanked fans in her newsletter following their support for her cold bath experience.

Last week, the Freeze The Fear host took an icy plunge as shared on social media.

The mother of three was determined to carry out the challenge as she wore a vibrant swimming costume and red beanie.

She posted the video on Instagram with the caption: “Right let’s begin this icy journey! After working with @iceman_hof and the whole #freezethefear team, it’s taken a year, but I’m finally doing it for you…

Holly added: “Wow, that was b****y cold but I did feel incredible after… @brassmonkeyice I did it!”

Big Brother’s Alison Hammond, 48, shared her support for the presenter, commenting: “Yes Holly well done.”

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