Watch: Dorset town ‘like a war zone’ after 12 cars are set on fire

“I was woken up by a bang and thought it was a car crash, looked out the window to see an orange glow and people running around,” Mr Stewart said.

“One person comes running to the scene to wake up one of the owners of the car and their car was on fire. I went out to find it was like a war zone with three cars ablaze and bangs going off.”

Chloe Torring, 25, a hairdresser from Wimborne, said she is in “complete shock and disbelief” after her car was destroyed in one of the fires.

She said: “I was woken up by my neighbour ringing my doorbell to tell me my car is on fire. I was in complete shock and disbelief.”


Ms Torring added she was “gutted” as she had owned the car for only five months. “It’s heart-wrenching to think someone would do such a horrible thing, for no good reason,” she said. “My car is completely destroyed. The engine is on the floor, I have no front half of my car – there’s just charcoal inside.”

Detective Sergeant Simon Austin, of County CID, said: “These incidents have affected a large number of victims in the wider Wimborne area and we are aware that this will cause concern.

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