Elon Musk ‘filmed dancing alone’ in ‘cringeworthy’ concert video

Elon Musk has divided fans after being filmed “dancing alone” at a music concert.

The Twitter boss was caught on camera “feeling himself” while showing off his best moves at a Rufus Du Sol gig in Cabo, Mexico.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk was recorded throwing his hands up in the air while he appeared to sway side to side in the “cringeworthy” clip.

Fans flocked to Twitter, also owned by the billionaire, after the short video was shared.

“My man is vibing out,” wrote user @0xLennster, while @AshleyDCan joked: “I pray that no one records me dancing ever it would be so embarrassing.”

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Seeming to claim the video wasn’t authentic, user @LinkedEm commented: “This video is AI generated. @elonmusk doesn’t have moves.”

Slamming the claim, original uploader @JoeyMooose replied: “This is as real as it gets.

“Seems like he’s been practising behind closed doors in Twitter HQ.”

While @blacktoshi27 wrote: “The mans a good dancer god damn it Napoleon and chris brown could never.” (sic)

@Bimmatrice added: “He has the exact amount of rhythm I’d expect from a billionaire.”

The upload comes after Elon appointed ex-NBC boss Linda Yaccarino as the new Twitter CEO.

Musk had announced that he would step down until he found someone “foolish enough to take the job”.

On Friday, he said he had found his replacement as rumours swirled that Ms Yaccarino could be his successor.

Her move to Twitter seemed inevitable after NBCUniversal confirmed she was leaving “effective immediately” after 12 years.

She had worked there since 2011, having spent 15 years at Turner Entertainment.

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