Watch: Just Stop Oil stage protest at MPs’ hearing on protests

Some 64 arrests were made on the day alone, 52 of which the Met Police said “related to concerns people were going to disrupt the event, and arrests included to prevent a breach of the peace and conspiracy to cause a public nuisance”.

The arrests included 13 Just Stop Oil protesters and at least six anti-monarchy activists, including Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith who was held for nearly 16 hours.

Meanwhile, Alice Chambers, a fan of the Royal family, said she was arrested and held for 13 hours because she happened to be standing near Just Stop Oil protesters.

Ms Chambers, 36, said she had no idea she was standing next to the activists because they had not yet begun the demonstration that they allegedly intended to carry out on the Mall, but suddenly found herself being arrested after Metropolitan Police officers burst into the crowd and began handcuffing people.

Outside of Parliament on Wednesday morning, 28 Just Stop Oil activists attempted to hold up traffic during another slow march on Westminster Bridge and Parliament Square, but the police ordered them off the road within ten minutes and arrested eight people.

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