Can you pass the Year 6 Sats reading test that left pupils ‘in tears’?

Some Year 6 pupils were left in “tears” by this year’s Sats reading test, according to parents and teachers.

The paper was sat by 10- and 11-year-old children across the country on May 10, with the marks being used to inform their target grades and sets at secondary school from September.

It has 38 questions, based on three texts in a 12-page reading booklet, with Year 6 pupils expected to understand words such as “hotspot”, “vulnerable” and “eradicated”. 

But parents have lambasted exam chiefs for making it “too hard for children”. Kerry Forrester, the head at a Cheshire primary school, warned about the “negative impact” on her pupils and she said some were reduced to tears.

The National Association of Head Teachers said some staff also struggled “to understand the questions”.

The Department for Education said the tests were “an important way of identifying pupils’ strengths and where they may have fallen behind” and “rigorously trialled” with thousands of pupils, but the schools minister Nick Gibb is now “looking at concerns”. Gillian Hillier, chief executive of the Standards and Testing Agency, said the tests were “mapped to the Key Stage 2 curriculum” and “appropriate and fair”. 

The Telegraph has selected 14 questions from the test below. Try to answer them yourself and mark them at the bottom.

How many Year 6 Sats questions can you get right?

First text

1) “Then it hit her.” What is it? (1 mark)

Relevant extract: Priya woke with a start, her heart beating fast. Something had disturbed her but she wasn’t sure what… Then it hit her. Rustlers! They had to be. It couldn’t possibly be Mr Jones. Why would he have two vehicles? Why would he park there with the lights out? She knew she was right.

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