Enraged Elvis Presley threw food at fiancée over body criticisms

Elvis Presley was found dead in his home, Graceland, on August 16, 1977. He had suffered a cardiac arrest, with coroners later attributing the heart attack to his extremely poor diet and excessive use of prescription drugs.

He was found in the bathroom of his 14-acre property by his fiancée at the time, Ginger Alden, who was in the room next door.

Elvis fell in love with Ginger in 1976 – the year before his death – and quickly moved the former beauty queen into Graceland where they lived together until his death. Before that, though, had warned the King of Rock and Roll about his diet in the past, though.

Speaking in her memoir, Elvis and Ginger, she recalled once thinking he was going too far while they were on holiday. “He could be like a big kid sometimes,” she recalled, before asking him why he had begun drinking pints of papaya juice.

Ginger said a furious Elvis became so enraged that he slapped her and threatened to bring their luxurious Hawaiian holiday to an abrupt end.

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This wasn’t the only example of Elvis’ fury when it came to the topic of his weight.

Ginger, who was just 20-years-old when she started dating Elvis in 1976, recalled one occasion where he was complaining about how thick his waistline was getting while he was eating a “mountain of ice cream”.

Naturally, Ginger suggested that it might help if the 41-year-old were not gorging himself on such a massive pile of cream and sugar. And Elvis was furious.

“He threw the bowl against the wall and then glared at me with anger,” Ginger admitted.

This wasn’t the only act of aggression Ginger endured during her time living in Graceland as the star’s wife to be.

She remembered a gunshot blasting the headboard of the bed she was lounging on. “I saw Elvis standing at the foot of the bed holding a .57 Magnum pistol in his hand,” she said. “Elvis said he had asked for yoghurt and I hadn’t responded. ‘It was an attention-getter,’ he said. Elvis was used to getting what he wanted.”

Ginger said Elvis’ “mood swings” were a result of the powerful medications he took to get to sleep every night.

The star was mostly nocturnal, staying awake all night watching movies and making music. He would go to sleep after dawn, but found difficulty in falling asleep without his drugs.

When Ginger questioned Elvis on if he needed these pills, he snapped: “You don’t understand. I need it.”

The beauty queen stressed that Elvis would always apologise after these violent outbursts.

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