Escape to the Chateau stars dropped by Channel 4 over bullying claims

Channel 4 has severed ties with Escape to the Chateau stars, Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree, amid allegations they bullied producers during filming.

The broadcaster has said it will no longer work with the married couple following an investigation into alleged concerns about their behaviour.

Its decision was made after interviews with producers and crew who worked with the Strawbridges as they renovated their 19th-century Château de la Motte-Husson in Martigné-sur-Mayenne, France.

Concerns about the couple’s alleged bullying and abusive behaviour were reportedly lodged with Channel 4 by production company Two Rivers Media, which also said it will not work with them in future.

‘Deteriorating relationship’

The couple have not responded to Channel 4’s decision but have previously refuted improper behaviour.

Entertainment website Deadline reported it had spoken to three people who witnessed the Strawbridges clash with producers from the company.

“There has been a deteriorating relationship between Two Rivers and Dick and Angel’s Chateau TV for various reasons and it all came to a head,” a source told Deadline.

The website noted the company is not the first to have had a dispute with the Strawbridges after the pair parted ways with Spark Media Partners, which originally launched Escape To The Chateau in 2016 and made the first four seasons.

Allegations of bullying by the couple towards producers during the first four seasons emerged in 2021 as a former crew member likened working with the Strawbridges to an “abusive relationship”.

Channel 4 review

The Times reported Angel, 43, was recorded branding one producer, who complained about his treatment, a “f—ing c—. Another featured her husband, a former army officer, telling a producer “f— you” after he became irritated during filming.

Two sources told the newspaper they had seen unaired footage of Dick threatening to throw another crew member “out the f—ing window” of the chateau while brandishing a hammer.

In response, a representative of the couple quoted a series director at the time of the alleged incident who said he never saw or heard evidence of Mr Strawbridge threatening to throw anyone out of a window.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said, “Following a review we have taken the decision to not work with Dick and Angel on any new productions in the future”.

The ninth and final season of Escape To The Chateau aired last December.

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