Prussian carp found in British waters for first time poses threat to UK fish

The impact of their introduction to UK waters is currently unclear, but the EA says they are likely to carry similar environmental risks to Prussian carp.

Once introduced, Prussian carp can rapidly expand their population size, disrupting native species and ecosystems.

They can outcompete native fish for food and habitats, and also interbreed with other species, threatening British populations.

Anglers and fishery owners are being urged to report any potential sightings to help stop the spread, while the EA has produced an identification guide, hosted by the Angling Trust.

‘Environment Agency is remaining vigilant’

Dr Gareth D Davies, a technical specialist at the Environment Agency, said: “The Environment Agency is remaining vigilant and our lab is working hard to ensure robust detection and mitigation measures are in place to determine the risk posed by Prussian carp, ginbuna or nigorobuna to our native stocks and the wider environment.

“We encourage fishery owners, managers and anglers to report any suspected cases of Prussian Carp, ginbuna, nigorobuna and other non-native species to us as soon as possible.

“This allows us to respond promptly to reports, limiting the harm to native fish species and helping our specialists research invasive species to prevent further spread.”

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