Watch: E-scooter owner ‘cheats death’ after battery bursts into flames

A security guard has claimed he “cheated death” after his e-scooter burst into flames as he charged it in a kitchen. 

Footage released by London Fire Brigade (LFB) shows the lithium battery exploding in a cloud of toxic smoke as flames measuring more than 1,000C melted the vehicle within seconds.

‌Dell Williams, 37, who brought the vehicle a fortnight ago from the online marketplace Gumtree, tried to douse the inferno with a fire blanket but was overcome by fumes and forced to run outside his two-storey terraced house in Harlesden.

‌Mr Williams said he had left it to charge in the communal kitchen instead of his room to stop his dog from touching it.

‘Cheated death’

‌He said: “I just want to thank the Lord that we managed to get out of there in one piece, I am so grateful to be alive.

‌“I spent eight hours in hospital due to inhaling smoke from the fire and when I went back to the house it was such an eye-opener. I was shocked, I am shocked now. I am so grateful that no one else was hurt. I cheated death.”

‌No other residents were hurt in the explosion.

‌The LFB released the footage to highlight the dangers of charging e-scooters indoors and has urged the public to only buy them from reputable dealers.

Firefighters’ warning

‌Dominic Ellis, deputy commissioner of the LFB, told Sky News: “You have got flames, they are over 1,000C, they have melted the aluminium footplate.

‌“You have got particles bouncing all around that kitchen and that is a highly toxic, flammable vapour cloud.

‌“I wouldn’t put my firefighters in there unless they had full PPE [personal protective equipment] and breathing apparatus and that is all happening on the escape route of those flats.

“There is no predictable path that causes these incidents and that is why we have got to be so careful and that is why we are pushing our hashtag charge safe campaign about all the safety aspects of owning, charging and maintaining e-scooters or e-bikes.”

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