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“Shark Tank Australia” is all about a different kind of feeding frenzy. This iconic series features Aussie entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas, companies, and products to a panel of savvy investors known as the “sharks.” These sharp-toothed investors then decide whether to sink their teeth into a lucrative deal, or shred the pitches to bits for everyone to see.

With four seasons already making waves (the last one aired in 2018), the upcoming return of “Shark Tank Australia” in 2023 has fans and business enthusiasts chomping at the bit for its comeback. We’ve got you covered with all the juicy details you need to know before the show hits the screens once again.

Who Are the Sharks on “Shark Tank Australia”?

Let’s dive right into the shark-infested waters and meet the fierce panel of investors on “Shark Tank Australia” 2023:

  1. Davie Fogarty, The mastermind behind Davie Group.
  2. Jane Lu, The boss lady herself, CEO of Showpo.
  3. Sabri Suby, The digital marketing dynamo who founded King Kong Digital Marketing Agency.
  4. Dr. Catriona Wallace, The visionary force behind the Responsible Metaverse Alliance.
  5. Robert Herjavec, The seasoned investor who’s already funded over $23 million worth of Shark Tank ideas.

These sharks mean business and have the power to turn an entrepreneur’s dreams into reality, so contestants better come prepared to swim with the big fish!

Who Are the “Shark Tank Contestants?

In the treacherous waters of “Shark Tank Australia,” each episode features a fresh school of contestants diving in to pitch their innovative business ideas. From bold inventors to shrewd entrepreneurs, the show brings together a diverse cast of hopefuls, making every episode a thrilling showcase of creativity and ambition.

Don’t expect the same faces to keep swimming back, though — the show loves to introduce new talent and keep the surprises coming.

Shark Tank Australia” Start Date

While we’re all itching to get back in the tank, the official start date for “Shark Tank Australia”‘s 2023 season is yet to be announced. Rest assured, we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as Network 10 spills the beans. So stay tuned and keep those entrepreneurial juices flowing!

Where to Watch “Shark Tank Australia” 2023

“Shark Tank Australia” will be airing on both Channel 10 and the 10 play app, so you can catch all the drama, deals, and daring pitches from the comfort of your couch or on the go.

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