The Smiths bassist Andy Rourke dies aged 59

The gig saw Mr Rourke play alongside Johnny Marr for the first time since the break up of The Smiths, when the bassist joined Mr Marr’s band The Healers for a rendition of the Smiths track How Soon Is Now?

In 2009, Mr Rourke relocated to New York after he grew “bored and frustrated” with life in Manchester. Setting up home in Manhattan, he hosted a two-hour music show on East Village Radio.

While living in the East Village, Mr Rourke said he was inspired by New Yorkers. “People seem a lot more driven, and that kind of rubs off on me,” he told New York website DNA Info.

While working as a club DJ with Soviet-born musician Olé Koretsky, the pair formed the band Jetlag. 

In 2014, the band began recording new music with Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan and the group subsequently became known as D.A.R.K.

In 2018, a planned reunion involving former Smiths members in a series of classical concerts was cancelled after Mr Rourke claimed he had not given his permission and would not be taking part.

His representative told Rolling Stone: “In no point in time did Andy Rourke agree to participate or otherwise license or authorise the use of his name, likeness or any personal quotes in any manner in connection with this Classically Smiths project.”

Mr Rourke is survived by his wife Francesca.

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