Cher’s Outfits: Her Most Iconic Fashion Moments From The Last 60 Years

Cher is most certainly a style icon. The star has never shied away from a wild look, often opting for full fringe, feathers, sparkles and leather. Over her 6 decade career, she’s embraced plenty of trends, all while showcasing her own unique style. Making it clear she doesn’t care what other’s think, Cher loves donning an eccentric headdress or glittering bodysuit when she’s on stage. And for the red carpet, it’s always something that makes sure to turn heads.

Here, Cher is a burst of sunshine in this shot from around the 1970s. She had her raven hair down long and straight as she gave the camera a smoldering stare wearing criss-crossing halter top that revealed tons of her chest and abs. She was truly a trailblazer when it came to risque looks.

There are truly too many amazing Cher looks to pick from. See our favorite from her decades long career here.

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