‘Primo’ is a warm sitcom about a high schooler and his 5 know-it-all uncles. Meet them here

There’s one in every family: An opinionated person who is sure they know best about everybody else’s lives. But in the new comedy “Primo,” there are five.

“Primo” (which means “cousin” in Spanish) follows 16-year-old Rafa Gonzales (Ignacio Diaz-Silverio), a kind-hearted teen who is raised by his single mom Drea (former “Brink” actor Christina Vidal) and his five overbearing uncles: Rollie, Mike, Ryan, Jay and Mondo.

Each uncle is vastly different in personality, but share one trait: They feel their impressionable nephew should follow their advice, and their advice alone. Whether Rafa wants their opinions or not, the five uncles will impart their wise — and not so wise — words.

“Everyone comes in with their own sort of faults and flaws and are trying really hard to push Rafa on the right direction,” Henri Esteve, who plays Mike, tells TODAY.com. “But we don’t necessarily know what that direction is or what the best choice for him is.”

Jonathan Medina, who portrays Jay, adds, “Anybody who sees it will be able to pick out some member of the family that they can identify with or that they’ve had in their own family or life in some way.”

The relatable comedy, co-executive produced with Mike Schur (“The Good Place”), is rooted in reality. “Primo” is inspired by creator Shea Serrano’s life growing up in San Antonio, Texas.

“There’s a little bit of something for everybody,” Carlos Santos, who portrays youngest uncle Ryan, says. “It works as a family sitcom, but it also is a really tight, well-written comedy. There’s a lot of heart.”

While chatting with TODAY.com, the five actors who take on the roles of the overbearing uncles detail their characters.

Whether Rafa wants it or not, his uncles will always share their advice and opinion.Jeff Neumann/Amazon Freevee / Jeff Neumann/Amazon Freevee

Meet the uncles

Jonathan Medina as Jay

The business owner who wants Rafa to work for him one day.
The business owner who wants Rafa to work for him one day.Michael Becker/Amazon Freevee

Jay is the oldest and most pragmatic of the uncles. The owner of the family’s landscaping business, Jay wants Rafa to start working as soon as possible.

“That comes across as a little hard and dry. It could be construed as mean,” Medina tells TODAY.com. “(But) Uncle Jay really is love. He loves and cares for his family tremendously. I think he’s always trying to hold it all together, even when he doesn’t need to.”

With his deadpan looks and inflection, Jay is among the the uncles who brings the most comedic moments.

Efraín Villa as Mondo

A free spirit.
A free spirit.Michael Becker/Amazon Freevee

Mondo is the resident free spirit who goes with the flow and is a good listener. Naturally, he lives in his brother Jay’s shed. ““I don’t think he has many possessions, and that’s the way he likes it,” Efraín Villa says of his character.

“He’s very anchored to this concept of universe, that things happen and they don’t need explanation. They don’t need a whole lot of analysis and they don’t need a lot of prompting, they happen,” Villa continues.

Aside from offering Rafa insight, Mondo has moments when he gives his brothers a new perspective, too.

Johnny Rey Diaz as Rollie

The middle uncle and "wild one."
The middle uncle and “wild one.” Michael Becker/Amazon Freevee

Rolly is inarguably the wild uncle. Johnny Rey Diaz tells TODAY.com that despite Rollie’s shenanigans, he just wants Rafa to do what makes him happy.

“He often gets in trouble with the law, minor things,” Johnny Rey Diaz says. “But when he’s fighting, it’s mostly because he’s fighting for something he believes in. It could be his family, standing up for somebody, but at the same time, he’s also the one that will find lots of moments to impart wisdom into Rafa and be very sentimental.”

Along the way, Rollie will also learn a thing or two about being a good role model and thinking before he acts.

Henri Esteve as Mike

He's the macho one, but also has a kind heart.
He’s the macho one, but also has a kind heart.Michael Becker/Amazon Freevee

Mike is the second youngest uncle and a former military member. Esteve describes his character as “the epitome of toxic masculinity,” but adds “it’s not harmful to anybody but himself.”

“He has a hard time with his vulnerability, but past that I don’t think his toxicity is hurtful. I think it’s kind of endearing and funny,” the actor says, teasing an impactful moment between Rafa and Mike in Episode Seven.

Carlos Santos as Ryan

The youngest and one who feels like he must compete with Rafa.
The youngest and one who feels like he must compete with Rafa.Michael Becker/Amazon Freevee

As the youngest uncle, Ryan acts like an older brother to Rafa — and it’s not always a comfortable role. In some of the episodes, the bank teller reckons with the fact that he’s not the baby in the family.

“I don’t think anybody else feels that way,” Santos says. “As the youngest, he always tries to feel validated and heard, which is why anything that he does, to him, feels like a really important thing, like working at the bank is huge, having a certificate or a degree.”

Every uncle has his strengths and weaknesses. Ryan’s is “the insecurity of wanting to feel like he’s a grown adult,” Santos says.

All eight episodes or “Primo” are available to stream May 19 on Amazon Freevee.

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