Andrea Bocelli thanks King for Coronation concert honour with touching post

Earlier this month, Andrea Bocelli and his regular collaborator Sir Bryn Terfel performed the Coronation concert at Windsor Castle.

The duo sang You’ll Never Walk Alone before King Charles III and an audience of 20,000.

Sir Bryn had a busy weekend having already performed the Welsh song Kyrie eleison at the actual Coronation service the day before.

Meanwhile, Bocelli famously sang Nessun Dorma at the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert last summer.

Since singing for her son The King, the 64-year-old Italian maestro has expressed his gratitude at such an honour and spoke out on the hopeful meaning behind the song’s lyrics.

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Bocelli wrote on his official Instagram: “‘Walk on walk on with hope in your heart / And you’ll never walk alone.’

“I would like once more to cite the lyrics I had the honour of singing on the Windsor Castle stage with my friend Bryn Terfel.

“The strength of these wonderful words seems the perfect way to thank everyone, from the British royal family to the universal family that connects us all as co-inhabitants of this world.”

Bocelli added: “I would like the hope that moves the piece’s emotional climax to arise in all of us as a constant presence in each of our hearts, an antidote to the poison of fear.

“Hope takes us by the hand and never leaves us alone. Alongside faith and charity, it forms the triad of virtue in Christian theology, three ethical principles that make our lives complete.

“Let me again express my gratitude to life – that wonderful adventure! – and to all of you, my travel companions, for reminding me of strength’s hope in song.”

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