Hairy Biker Dave Myers leaves Si King speechless with raunchy confession

In a new episode of their podcast, celebrity chefs the Hairy Bikers got into a cheeky discussion about the wildest place they had ever done the deed.

Dave Myers was asked by his longtime pal Si King about the “most unusual place” he had ever had sex.

Dave then explained on their Agony Uncles podcast: “One night after a lock-in in the pub, the roads were quiet, fortunately.

“She threw me onto the white line in the middle of the road!”

A producer then jokingly asked: “You kept things brief I suppose?” and Dave chuckled: “I did, I kept looking over my shoulder!

“It was a rural community as well. I thought I’d wake up with John Deere tattooed on my backside.”

Si then divulged his own raunchy confession, which was also rural-based.

“It was in a horse box, it was full of hay…trust me, I had absolutely no option. I was caught by surprise, that’s all I’m saying,” he laughed.

It comes after Dave has been taking on more work commitments following his cancer diagnosis last year.

The chef took time off while he underwent gruelling chemotherapy treatment.

Opening up about his experience while he was in the midst of it, Dave said on Tommy Banks’ Seasoned Podcast: “It’s funny when you first start chemotherapy.

“It’s quite hard. I’m still having it. It really was brutal. I lost so much weight and then it’s a battle to get your calories in.

“At first I thought, ‘Right, this is great, I can eat all those pies I haven’t been eating for years’, except [my] appetite was dreadful!

“Now I’ve got to the point where I’m at the weight I want to be, and I want to maintain it.”

The popular Geordie duo have now announced that they are filming a new BBC show, The Hairy Bikers Go West.

The show will see Dave and Si travelling the country to find out all about Britain’s culinary favourites.

A start date is yet to be confirmed.

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