Older women admit they avoid ‘short’ clothes and struggle to dress for their age

Personal style varies between individuals regardless of age, but for mature women, there is a tendency to make more dramatic changes as the years pass.

In a recent discussion about dressing to suit their age, a group of women 50 and above revealed how they had amended their fashion since reaching the notable “milestone”.

Writing for HuffPost, journalist Vanessa Nirode admitted: “When I look at photos of myself from 20 to 30 years ago, I realise that I had no idea how good I looked.

“I never thought twice about wearing short skirts and dresses when I was in my 20s, 30s and even 40s. I’m now in my early 50s”.

And she wasn’t alone in finding items in her wardrobe that she felt she was no longer “supposed” to wear.

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Vanessa explained that after trying on old skirts and dresses, she found herself branding them “too short”.

The journalist said that this is something her 20-year-old self would never have done, and pondered exactly what should be considered unsuitable for someone who is “half a century old”.

After speaking to her peers, Vanessa realised that she was not the only woman who shied away from exposing her bare arms and legs when getting dressed each morning.

In fact, her long-time friend Natalie, who is now 49, admitted that shorts and tops with cap sleeves are both redundant styles for her mature body

She claimed that this was because of the shape of her pale inner thighs and “soft” inner arm. And when it comes to experimenting with new looks, Natalie added that there is pressure on avoiding outfits looking “forced”.

The mature woman admitted that dressing to flatter her body, in spite of age, comes with a huge burden of trying to look younger. A second friend of Vanessa, named Joan, revealed that she had avoided mini skirts since her 50th birthday.

The now 69-year-old cyclist admitted she “didn’t feel like showing off that much anymore”, and no longer wears skirts at all, to dodge the “hassle” of how they fit her adult figure.

Other women close to Vanessa revealed that they think their fashion will continue to change with every year they age.

And while some put this down to wanting to hide “saggy skin” and not being in “great shape”, others suggested that it was because they now enjoy more “comfortable” clothing.

Though most women agreed they had altered their style, some have embraced fashion more as they have gotten older.

Speaking to Vanessa, one person admitted that they have “no fear” about wearing miniskirts in their 50s, and wear what they want instead.

According to Ann Kearney-Cooke, a licensed psychologist and wellness coach based in Ohio, US, the pressure to adjust style with age is “especially true for women” who base their self-esteem on their appearance.

She urged mature women to instead define themselves by the choices they make each day, not what’s happened in the past or how “culture perceives them”. The psychologist added: “A gift to getting older, I think, is that we’re more clear about who we are.”

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