Louise Minchin shares real reason she quit BBC Breakfast after 20 years

Louise Minchin, 54, has discussed the pivotal moment she decided it was time to step down from BBC Breakfast in a new interview.

The presenter, who spent two decades on the popular show, explained why she felt it was time to move on.

Speaking to Exceptional.com, Louise recalled the fateful day she realised she needed to make a change.

She said: “It was a typical day. A government minister to interview, a story about wind farms, an Eighties pop star and finally a story of endeavour and hope and courage.

“And it was about a man who was climbing a mountain in bare feet.

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“Now, I had nothing against him, but why was it always men doing these incredible things that we talk to? Where were the women?

“And in that moment I thought, right, enough!” Louise exclaimed.

“I could sit here and fight the battle to feature the world’s inspirational women on the show in the way I’ve fought so many times for equality of women on TV.

“But I thought, this one I’m not going to fight. I’m just going to do these amazing things with them – and write a book about it.”

This lightbulb moment later led to Louise deciding to quit her long-time BBC Breakfast gig.

The star also cited the punishing hours as another major reason for moving on from the job.


“I hate mornings!” she admitted. “In a weird way that’s why I was good at them because it was so unnatural that the alarm went off at 3:40am.

“It was like fight or flight. But now it’s at 9.15am, which is when BBC Breakfast ends.”

Louise began hosting BBC Breakfast in 2012 with the late Bill Turnbull and Charlie Stayt, before Dan Walker joined her on the sofa from 2016.

She left the show on 15 September 2021, with the whole team bidding her a fond farewell.

You can read the full interview with Louise Minchin on Saga Exceptional here.

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