Upset Andrew Marr breaks silence after he’s axed from Queen’s obituary by BBC

Journalist Andrew Marr, who left his BBC talk show in 2021, had spent years recording updates to a documentary that would have been the broadcaster’s official tribute to the Queen following her death.

Although the 63-year-old had reportedly been told that his voice would still be present on the obituary, he was surprised to hear Kirsty Young’s voice when it aired.

In a new interview, Marr said: “That was upsetting. I’d been making and remaking it for 10 years or so, going in every few months.

“It was decided apparently in the BBC that it might ‘confuse or upset’ viewers if they heard my voice on it now I’d left the BBC, which seemed an odd argument,” he added to Radio Times.

At the time, it was reported that the re-recorded obituary still used much of Andrew’s original script, much to his surprise.

His agent told The Times: “Andrew Marr doesn’t believe that the public is at all interested in which journalists say exactly what, where, at this solemn time.

“He is slightly surprised that the BBC apparently believes that hearing his voice would upset its viewers…But Andrew is philosophical and is focusing all his attention on helping get the best possible coverage of these extraordinary days for his current employers.” has contacted the BBC for comment.

Andrew joined the broadcaster in 2000 and was appointed political editor. During his two decades there he had various presenting roles including for BBC News and his Sunday morning programme, The Andrew Marr Show.

He led coverage for major events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the death of Margaret Thatcher before leaving the BBC in 2021 to front his own show on LBC.

Explaining the reasons behind his exit, Andrew admitted he had become “bored” with the job and “frustrated” with self-censoring his opinions.

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