Tuesday evening news briefing: Michael Gove backtracks on renter reforms after just a week

Good evening. Michael Gove is planning to backtrack on onerous reforms for student lets, just a week after unveiling his Renters’ Reform Bill – scroll down to Business for more. We have the latest, as the Home Secretary announced that all foreign students except those doing postgraduate research will be barred from bringing family members to the UK.

Foreign students below PhD will no longer be able to bring family to UK

All foreign students except those doing postgraduate research will be barred from bringing family members to the UK from January next year under plans to try to reduce net migration.

Suella Braverman also pledged a crackdown on “unscrupulous education agents” who have been promoting “inappropriate” education applications as an immigration route. 

Charles Hymas has more on the moves that ministers hope will cut net migration figures by up to 150,000.

Prince Harry loses challenge to pay for police protection

The Duke of Sussex has been denied the right to bring a second legal challenge against the Government’s decision to deny him automatic security when in the UK. 

Our Royal Editor Victoria Ward reports that Prince Harry had sought permission for a judicial review based on his offer to pay for his own protection, which he argued should have prompted the Home Office to “quash and retake” its decision. 

The Duke has already won the right to a first judicial review over the decision-making process.

Rolf Harris, disgraced entertainer, dies aged 93

Rolf Harris, the children’s entertainer and convicted paedophile, has died at the age of 93. 

The performer, who was jailed in 2014 for a series of sex assaults on youngsters, died of neck cancer and “frailty of old age” at his home in Bray in Berkshire on May 10. 

Harris’s Telegraph obituary details how the singer and artist was disgraced after Operation Yewtree revealed a history of abuse.

Evening Briefing: Today’s essential headlines

Suella Braverman | Tory MPs rallied to defend Suella Braverman this afternoon as they accused opposition parties of a “witch hunt” over the Home Secretary’s handling of her speeding fine. A poll has found that the majority of Telegraph readers do not think Ms Braverman should resign.

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