22 Kids And Counting stars cancel holiday last-minute as Sue complains of issue

Sue Radford, 48, has shared her frustrations about her family’s latest holiday plans going awry.

The 22 Kids And Counting star revealed on Instagram that the family wouldn’t be travelling due to car complications.

Sue posted on the family’s Instagram story that they were supposed to go away in their motor home.

However, having just returned from Edinburgh, she revealed that the rod for their vehicle was gone.

Due to complications, Sue explained “fiat can’t even get it on till the 15th June”, meaning that Britain’s largest family will not be travelling this week.

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She expressed annoyance with a face-palm emoji and admitted she felt as though she was struggling with “one thing after another”.

Earlier this month, Sue shared a photo of the family relaxing in the motor vehicle with homemade breakfasts, bowling, and campfire marshmallows.

She captioned the photos: “Such a lovely weekend away in the motorhome. I always feel like even just a few days away is enough to recharge your batteries and just relax.

“Family time is so important when life feels so busy through the week”, she continued.

“I love watching them playing and making new friends its just lovely.” (sic)

Sue added several hashtags, including “#solucky” to express her joy at the holiday.

Fans responded with: “Yess guys, love this. Looks like you had the weather for it.” (sic)

Another added: “I agree my mum and dad bought one for us 3 to use and them, we love using it even just for a few days in Derbyshire. Away from the busy daily life.”

The family has continued to receive criticism for their regular travels, which they document on social media.

However, they confirmed on an Instagram Q&A that their trips were all funded independently with much of their money coming from their successful pie business.

The family also shared an update about their company on their YouTube Channel.

Sue’s husband Noel, 52, announced the couple had some “exciting news” about their venture, after vlogging their pub dinner for the family’s 360,000 subscribers.

“Myself and Sue are just about to take some pictures of the fruit pie that we are trying to get on the website.

“We’ve just one last hurdle to do, which is basically a trial run of sending them out in the post like we do, just to see if we get the ‘ok’ because now and again the courier can be a little bit heavy-handed.”

Last month, the husband and wife duo shared a photo showing off their Morecambe-based business’ success, where multiple boxes of orders could be seen.

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